Our Team

Our team is our capital. We see the success of our company as rooted in the qualification and motivation of our staff.  Care and appreciation in dealing with others and interaction based on trust are what is important to us.  Each member of staff is responsible for their own conduct, and contributes with their know-how, their experience and their competence to reaching our goals.

What we expect
In our process and project-oriented company we expect professional, customer-oriented and innovative approaches to each and every challenge that arises. We aspire to have every member of staff in our company identify themselves with our products, and our customers and to be aware that we all have an impact on the quality of OM FORGING.

What we offer
We offer our staff challenging tasks and opportunities to develop.  We invest a great deal of time and money in the advanced training and development of our team to ensure that we all grow personally and as a whole.  It is imperative for us to plan our human resources development well in advance in order to be able to stand up to the challenges of the future.  Career planning and succession planning, leadership development and talent management as well are just a few of the building blocks that give our staff a solid base of support.