Cold Work Tool Steel – D3

D3 Grinded Rounds

D3 Grinded Rounds

D3 is characterised by a relatively high attainable hardness and good resistance. It exhibits excellent stability in heat treatment. Typical applications for D3 tool steel include forming rolls, drawing dies, forming powder compaction tooling and lamination dies.


Best for:

High stressed cutting and punching tools for thin sheets, drawing and deep drawing tools, stone processing tools, knives for paper and plastics, shear knives for thin sheets, thread rolling dies.


AISI D3 Tool Steel/Tool Steel D3/Flat Steel AISI D3 have high strength, good hardenability and wear resistance. AISI D3 Tool Steel/Tool Steel D3/Flat Steel AISI D3 is used in High performance cutting tools for steet upto 4mm thickness,trimming dies,blanking dies for paper and plastic ,shear blades for cutting light gauge materialthreat rolling dies,drawing,deep drawing,pressure pads and highly wear-resistant plastic moulds.

Heat Treatment:

Along with the furnace cooling after(850~870) °C× (3~4)h . (740~760)°C×(4~5)h,out air cold
Low impact toughness and should avoid tempering at about 950~1150°C

Surface Condition: Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined

Hardness: HB250MAX

Equivalent grades:





Chemical Composition: