Hot Work Steel – H13

H13 Machined Rounds

H13 Machined Rounds

H13 is the hot work tool steel with good toughness and high temperature resistance. It also owns excellent cutting and polishing performance. After electro-slag remelting, the quality is much better.

This grade has found wide acceptance for extrusion dies for aluminum, zinc and copper, die casting molds, forging dies and hot shear blades. It is also an excellent steel for plastic.


Available size:

  • H13 steel round bar 60-800mm
  • H13 steel flat bar 25-400mm*200-800mm

Surface condition: Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined

Hardness: Annealed HBS235 max


H13 tool steel has good tenacity, hot tirdness nature and definite wearable;empty quenching under lower Ao shi ti temperature condition.small distortion after heat-treatment and so on.


Tool steel h13 is used in hot forming tools,hot forging dies, pressure casting tools, hot shear knives, tools for plastic industry, hot punches and dies for blanking, hot extrusion dies for aluminium, tin and lead die casting.


Equivalent grades:





Chemical Composition: