Plastic Mould Steels – P20

P20 Blocks

P20 Blocks

Plastic Mould Steels – P20 (pre-hardened steel) is the international general – purpose plastic mould steel after vacuum degassing and gas Electro – Slag – Remelting, it not only contains low sulfur and gas but also has good polishing performance P20 is typically sold in the pre-hardened condition after forged processing and ultrasonic detection without cracks.

Typical applications include:

  • Plastic injection mould
  • Extrusion dies
  • Blow molding mould

Plastic Mould Steels – P20 is suitable for large and medium – sized and precise plastic mould parts, home appliances appearance molds, etc.

Available size:

  • Round steel bar 60-800mm
  • Flat steel bar 25-400mm*200-800mm

Surface condition: Black surface/ Grinded/ Machined

Hardness of P20 Alloy Steel Bar: Q+T 50-54 HRC


P20 alloy steel bar is with good toughness properties, easy to machine, better polishability than 1.2312, dimensional stability flame hardenable, good photoengraving properties.


P20 alloy steel bar is used for plastic moulds, frames for plastic pressure dies, hydroforming tools.

Equivalent grades:





Chemical Composition: